Taken at 7 weeks

There are a couple of Puppies left from the Top Hill's Bingo and Heritage Lady Aurora mating.

Bingo is my superstar and this is his first litter and possibly only one.  If they have a hundredth of their father's personality they will outshine any collie you will ever meet. The pups are located in Waterford, California. They are 9 weeks so they have had plenty of time to get their socialization needs met and are ready to go.
 You can reach her directly through the FB page listed here or email Becky@Keppertonkennel.com
Top Hill's Bingo - Sire

Scotch Collie Pups Available in Northern California

Scotch Collie Pups in California | Old-Time Scotch Collie Association

Our Dash has a litter of pups available in Northern California. The mother is Heritage Sarah Jane (Rose) there are 2 male and 2 females still left to place. Breeder contact info is listed on the link.

Litter Announcement!!

Top Hill's Little "Dash" of Pixie Dust and Heritage Sarah Jane "Rose"  have just had a litter of 7 fat and sassy puppies! Pictures and more info will be forthcoming. Rose is owned by Cathe Fish of Practical Permaculture in Rough and Ready, CA. She sent us a preview pic taken as soon as the pups dried but lots more will be forthcoming. Dash has grown into a dashing figure..I guess it's like the say, be careful what you name your kids cause they grow into it. Ha! Rose is same size as Dash weighing around 52lbs. She is a daughter of Heritage Lassen and.. I think Ranier but not sure.

"What Kind of Dog is That?"

It's a question I'm used to hearing. From the day Oberon arrived at our home it became a daily question from passer's by on the street or the dog park. Once the litter arrived and we moved into such a pedestrian busy home it's asked even more. How do  you describe it without going into a mantra on the history of the collie dog? I've finally found a short way to explain it, but people will still walk away with scratching their heads.  In many ways I feel special because of the admiration these dogs always get, and when someone doesn't stop to say, "beautiful dog" I actually get a bit of a let-down I have to admit.

To me, these are the perfect dogs. Dogs that once were considered the common man's dog are now hard to come by.. Even my vets have said they very rarely see them and at our current vet, the entire clinic stops whenever I bring the litter down for their shots and checkups. Everyone wants to see them, and they all have had their favorites.  To me the  best part about our dogs, is that every one of them is a beautiful dog in their own standing, and yet each one stands out in their own 'category' of OTSC. 

So much has happened since my last post. It's been a raucous summer and fall has dropped on me like a closing act curtain. It's hard to believe we are now looking at pups that are 4 months old.  While I was committed to placing the pups as close as possible, we ended up placing 5 of them out of state.  Angus has gone to Maine, Violet to Maryland, Charlie to Oregon, Trouble  to Missouri and now Sarge is going to Washington state on Thursday. 

I'm not exactly sure how we are going to do it, but we decided to keep Dash and Bingo ourselves, which gives us 3 dogs. John just fell in love with Dash and wouldn't let him go, while at the same time not willing to give up Bingo. Having 3 intact male dogs is going to be a major challenge for me and I'm just going to have to come up to the challenge. Both of them will be significantly larger than Oberon and even Jenny.   We're even going to have to get a bigger car, as neither our little two-seater 4x4 nor our Toyota Toaster will not fit those three fully grown.  I'm expecting Dash to end up weighing in at about 60lbs with Bingo at 50, and that is after switching to large  breed puppy food for them!

In the future I want to begin working on documenting my research into the collie dog so that I can really have some empirical evidence showing why it is that our lines are so extremely special. I've  never done anything like this before so it's going to be a steep learning curve. My goal is to begin work on it in Jan/Feb. While I've been researching the dogs intensively on my own for the last 3 years, it never occurred to me to document what I'd learned until the litter came along and I had to do so  much explaining about what kind of dog they are, and why it's a big deal  My biggest joy has been becoming involved  with this project and I look forward to being involved with documenting and 'proving' these dogs in the decades to come.

From a shear stroke of fortune, the amazing Linda Rorem is going to do herding evaluations on the last 4 pups this week. Living in the same town has given me an extra special blessing (mainly because it's harder to hide from me-hehe) and I really can't believe I have this opportunity for my humble little pups. It will be an extra special opportunity to see in person how pups are evaluated for herding instincts. I  especially want to see how Heidi's instincts are,  because my own inexperienced gut makes me think she will shine like a superstar..but..we'll see. Maybe she'll just have to be an agility dog for some lucky person rather than a working dog. I'll videotape all the evaluations and hope I can get them posted up soon for fun.  Linda has been a bit of an idol of mine, and influenced me a great deal to continue my work in researching and developing a deeper understanding of herding dogs and the history of collies. It took me quite awhile to get the nerve to even introduce myself!

The litter is now 17 weeks old. With Sarge going to his real home on Thursday,  Heidi is my last baby.  Our big ole' Dash needs to be called "Jethro Bodine" and I am wondering if he got into the Miracle Gro! While Heidi is a petite 12lbs Dash is a whopping 28lbs as of last Thursday, with Bingo/Sarge being 19/18lbs. Each day I am fascinated by this litter!  Heads, ears, legs, everything is changing every time I turn around.  At one point I was sure Bingo would look like an Aussie, with his thick full coat and short muzzle, high stop and with a stocky body...but Linda's vast experience shines through. It took one minute and she commented on how much he looked like a collie pup, telling me that he will become a black sable rather than a tri-color. Lo and behold, within a few weeks his legs sprouted, his ears popped up, his muzzle grew and now we have a dog who will never be confused with an Aussie, having the lithe body of his mother. He has also taken on black sable coloring just like Linda predicted as well. Although he has more white, he is going to be the same color as his mother. having a perfect black saddle with lots of sabling.
Top Hill's Just Jenny at about 5 months ...before her sabling began really moving up her legs. You  can see her Amber eyes her as well.   
Jenny  a few days before giving birth showing her how the sabling moved up and she has a black saddle now. She is just getting ready to go after the ball here, even while filled with NINE pups!

Now that we'll be able to think straight here at the Carsey Clan I will be turning toward keeping up with the pups as they grow, and as each family sends in their pup-dated pics. I already have a few I need to post-- so hang in there. Lots more lovely pics to come!

Application Link Fixed, 2 "Highland" Style Pups Available

I have FIXED the application - I had complaints that the link has been broken. You will need to download the application first, then open and save it to your computer.

It's been a wild ride these last several months, and although I've place almost all the puppies into their perfect homes I have a couple that I would like to place closer to home. Dash and Trouble have grown into magnificent "Highland" style collies that will be at least 50-60lbs. They will both look a lot like their mom and no one will doubt that they are COLLIES with their dad's sable coloring and medium bone density. Dash's ears have set into a perfect pair of folded ears, and Trouble's are still deciding but most likely will either be prick or tipped.

These boys have NO AKC Collie in and yet are still showing the true Highland Scotch Collie characteristics, which have come from Jenny's line. So, don't let anyone tell you that these dogs are extinct as I have living proof they are not. They will not have big fluffy coats, in fact, they may even end up "single"  coated like their mother - since right now they have very little puppy fluff. They will have perfect coats for dogs kept in the house with the family, with very little shedding. Because of my expectations of their possible breeding quality I am determined to place them as close to home as possible.
Assuming the pups pass all their Hip/Eye/Genetic tests at the age of 2, I'm suspecting they may be highly sought after breeding prospects, so their families will need to be part of the OTSC project. They will probably be double the size of their papa and are showing some beautiful bone structure.  I really would like them close to home but if I find the right families who understand that future breeding prospects are a long-term investment that may not even pan out at all, I would be willing to reconsider that decision. The families for these dogs must be willing to wait the 2 years to even KNOW IF the pup is even going to be able to be used as part of a breeding program. Assuming either of them pass the evaluation stage, their families contract will require to offer the dog for stud on occasion, only choosing equally qualified females.

It's taking me a very long time to place all the pups and I'm evaluating each completed application as it comes in. I have several qualified applicants who live on the other side of the country, but I'm really trying to focus on placing these pups within California. However, if I can find a perfect match in Oregon or other western state I can be convinced otherwise. 

This is a lifelong project for me, I expect to be working to make this dream a reality for the rest of my life. It is a big financial burden and an immeasurable amount of time has been invested in the last 3 years. My research into the Scotch Collies, and their historical counterparts, the American farm collies is ongoing. Top Hill Farm will continue to breed, slowly and carefully.  Our intent is to save these dogs because there simply isn't anyone else out there working to protect them. At the same time, since my dogs will be the corner-stone of a long line of OTSC dogs I want to ensure they are going to be hardy, healthy, long lived dogs. Since we live in an age when we can prevent major genetic issues BEFORE we even breed I believe in taking advantage of that. There was a time when breeders drowned or otherwise disposed of pups born with genetic abnormalities that were considered to be faulty. In today's world we often the opposite approach, with ridiculous measures taken so that the breed requires C-Sections as a standard method of reproduction. I would just rather prevent such challenges with modern and proper breeding husbandry.

I've been with the pups 24/7 since they were 8 weeks old and it's been a blessing, but of course, it's been a real challenge. It's been expensive to keep them healthy, they are being fed with highest quality of kibble, including home cooked meals. Today we took these last 3 in for the 3rd set of shots/worming. I've invested nearly every waking moment to assure they are well-adjusted and know their basic manners, and have been working every single day to shore up their potty training. I haven't been able to unpack from the move and even taking a shower has been a challenge. Living out of boxes is a small price to pay for well-balanced dogs in the future. It's been an even bigger challenge since my new home has a yard that is currently dirt so I've been fighting dirt for the last 4 weeks. Each day has been spent mopping, washing several loads of laundry, picking up "mystery poo's" from unusual places and --usual ones, keeping up with potty training..it got to the point that when I closed my eyes..all I saw was poo We've gone through about 20 puppy pads a day. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining in the least. I just want to assure folks that my dogs and pups are my number one priority and come before everything else. It's also why I do things so slowly. I get up at 5:30 with the pups and by the time they bed down for the night at 9pm I'm so exhausted. However it's the only time I have to get on the computer without being constantly interrupted by someone who wants to be held, cuddled and loved up.

Luckily there are enough that they still keep each other occupied and they don't need me to entertain them. In addition Oberon has proven to be the MOST AMAZING babysitter. I should do a post on that soon, he literally babysits them. When they get too rambunctious he will immediately bark or run over to them and bark and all craziness stops. Last night after we went to bed the pups were still up wrestling, well apparently they were just a little too loud, and Oberon jumped off our bed, ran down the hall and bark-shouted at them from behind the baby gate (they sleep in the living room). I didn't hear hardly a peep after that and they all went to sleep.  We are down to a more manageable amount of dogs, but now they need much more personal attention, and I think it's so important for them to bond with humans not with each other. So if they come up and start putting paws on my computer I know it's time to give it up. Even Obee just came over an "put his paw down" --onto the keyboard that is-- to tell me that I need to get off the computer and go to bed!

We are so lucky to have found some of the most amazing people to take our babies into their lives. I look forward to watching the pups grow and mature into the wonderful dogs I know they will be.  I've already got some family pictures with the pups in their new homes I will be posting up soon.

Puppies Still Available

Our puppies will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and are ready to go to their real homes. We are still looking to place several more of them.(The 3 females are spoken for). Each of these beautiful dogs will each have a slightly different appearance as adults. If you see one you are interested in don't hesitate to call me to discuss if that puppy would be a good fit for you. 

I'm currently researching up on shipping puppies, since I've never done that before. If anyone has recommendations or suggestions please let me know what has worked for you. I would really appreciate any help from those who've done it before.

Litter Video's Now up on Youtube!

Finally, I've got 20 minutes of footage up on Youtube taken over the weekend. When you get to video #2, you will want to mute it unless you are REALLY into Jazz. It started out okay but went downhill real quick~